Greek Yogurt Parmesan Ranch Dressing

Seriously Delish, page 155

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Life got alittle in the way.  Also, I can’t keep up the post a day pace, so expect to see things more regularly, but slightly less frequently.

My husband’s favorite dressing is ranch.  I was looking forward to this recipe to have a slightly “healthier” version of ranch in my back pocket for him.

Here I am, collecting my herbs for a glamour shot.  I was trying to get an overhead shot, but the lighting in my kitchen is horrible.  I seriously considered standing on the dining room table, but thought better of it. Also, that towel really could have been ironed.  Gah. Photography woes.  I’m hopeful the practice I get during this project will help me.  I should really find a better spot in the house for lighting.  As you can see in the last picture, it was pretty cloudy that day too.


The ingredient list for this dressing was quite long: greek yogurt, mayo, buttermilk, Parmesan, herbs, honey, Worcestershire, salt, garlic power, onion power, smoked paprika, and pepper, and, if I’m being honest, I didn’t see all those flavors come through.  I thought the dill overpowered.  Now, I also made this in my Vitamix, rather than the food processor Jessica recommends, so maybe I over did it on the blending.  Or maybe I should just follow directions.


Overall it was a tasty dressing, but we didn’t think it was “ranchy” enough.  It was really good with carrots (and leftover sourdough) dipped in it.  I will try it again in the food processor (and probably dial back the dill a bit).  I’ll need to make it again to serve with salad recipe in the book anyway.