Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits

Seriously Delish, page 48

No body knew that these biscuits were half whole wheat flour and had only 4 tablespoons of butter.  They were far too distracted by the perfectly soft crumb, flaky texture…oh yeah, and the bacon.


These biscuits are not traditional biscuits, with never ending layers that only a southern grandmother can make.  They are more like scones, to be honest, but that doesn’t take anything away from them.  They were simple, and yummy, and totally fun to make.  Not too sweet, not too savory.  A very democratic biscuit.


They didn’t last long at work the next day. That’s not saying much, though, since people at work will eat pretty much anything. However, I will say, they were not as popular as the Omelet Scones I had brought in a few weeks prior.  Those were an overwhelming hit.  Overall, this is definitely a recipe you can keep around and tweak for different flavor combinations.  I really loved the use of whole wheat pastry flour, and the fact that the butter content wasn’t astronomical.  That means seconds are calorie free , right?



Bacon, Egg, & Avocado Corn Cakes

Seriously Delish, page 39

I wanted to love this recipe. I really really did. Poached egg, my favorite. Bacon, duh. Avocado, always. Artsy fartsy food styling factor, check. (how’d I do?)


What it boils down to is these corn cakes. They just weren’t great. I think I need to try them again. The recipe calls for shallots and whole corn kernels to be added into a batter made from cornmeal, flour, eggs, and milk.  They were nice additions.  I really liked the flavor from the shallots.  The cakes themselves cooked up kind of like super thick pancakes.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t want to blame the recipe just yet.  I read on Serious Eats that I could grind my own cornmeal from popcorn.  I liked the idea of not needing to buy a whole container of cornmeal for one recipe, so I picked up a small amount of plain popcorn from the bulk food section of my grocery store, and tossed it in my blender.  It made an ungodly amount of noise, but in only a few seconds, I had cornmeal.  I think my problem here was that I didn’t grind it fine enough, and my corn cakes ended up alittle bit crunchier in some parts than I would have liked.  If I do try this again, I will grind the corn finer, and possibly sift it before using.


Strawberry Sunshine Juice

Seriously Delish, page 37

This recipe has one instruction. Add everything to a juicer and pour into a pretty glass. I didn’t follow it. I don’t have a juicer, so I just blended everything in the Vitamix. Probably not EXACTLY what Jessica was going for, but still pretty and delish.


The mint I used is from a plant that just happened to spring up out of a flower pot the previous owners of my house left behind.  I’m fairly certain it’s spearmint.  I didn’t die, and it tastes minty, so I think I’m safe.

How Sweet is this Green Shake?

Seriously Delish, Page 41

Let’s talk about green smoothies.

How Sweet Green Shake

A while back, I was introduced to the girls over at Simple Green Smoothies.  They do a fun 30 day challenge, and have a ton of free green smoothie recipes on their website.  I find myself making a smoothie for breakfast much more often now.

Jessica is a well known hater of vegetables, but if you follow along on her blog, she’s working on it. As she notes in this recipe, green smoothies are one way she gets her greenery in.  Personally, I’ve loved green smoothies since the beginning, and this version is no different.  I really enjoyed it.

I will disclose that I do have a fancy blender, but I was making green smoothies in my junky Black and Decker before I picked up the S30.  If you’re not working with something high speed, just blend the shit out of it.  Also, doing a two step blend, with greens and liquids first, really does make a difference with conventional blenders.

This smoothie is almond milk based, which usually isn’t my favorite, but the addition of vanilla extract helped.  (I added extra too because I had plain almond milk instead of the flavored stuff) Spinach makes it green (and is a good starting point for green smoothie newbies due to its mild flavor and superior blendability). Frozen mango and some banana sweeten it up. Also, sprinkles. Because….sprinkles.

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