Crispy Black Bean Tacos with Mango Pico de Gallo

Seriously Delish, page 180

Oh my goodness guys. Can we talk about tacos for a second?  We eat more tacos in our house than I care to admit.  For awhile there, we were doing Taco Tuesday on the regular.  So. Many. Tacos.

What do you want for dinner? Tacos. Non taco leftovers? Put it in a taco. Taco salads, taco pizzas, tacos, tacos, tacos.  It happens far too often.  Sometimes we change it up and have quesadillas.  I know.  We’re so creative.

So, needless to say, this recipe was on my radar very early on.

Crispy Black Bean Tacos

These tacos are so easy. They consists of things I keep stock in my fridge/pantry, except for the queso fresco.  I make a batch of fresh black beans weekly (pressure cook them, they take like 4 minutes!), and usually have cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and some sort of spicy pepper around (we’re partial to poblanos, since I can’t tolerate much more heat than that, and they’re delicious).  The salsa has mango, which, not going to lie, I used some frozen mango that I keep on hand for smoothies that I zapped in the microwave for a bit.

Using corn tortillas, and getting them crispy in a frying pan was the key here.  I probably could have let them go for a bit longer to get some more crunch on there, but it was late, and we were hungry.  We literally ate these as they came out of the frying pan leaning over the stove.  As with anything fried, a little bit of salt right as they finish goes a long way too.

Chapter Total Recipes Total Made Percent Complete
Breakfast (… for Dinner?) 20 1 5.00%
Snack Time 17 0 0.00%
Sandwiches & Stuff on Toast 13 0 0.00%
Salad, Soups, and Vegetable-like Things 25 0 0.00%
Tex-mex, Burgers, Pizza, & Everything Else 28 3 10.71%
Stuff to Sip On 13 0 0.00%
Lighten Up 16 0 0.00%
Celebrations 20 0 0.00%
Total 152 4 2.63%

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