Seriously Delish

Back in 2011, my cousin Leah sent me this link.   Since then, I’ve tried recipe after recipe posted on How Sweet It Is.  If you haven’t heard of Jessica’s blog you should check it out.  She’s hilarious.  Her recipes are awesome. Go read her last post.  I’ll wait.

This month, Jessica released a cookbook, Seriously Delish.  Obviously, I had to have it. I preordered it on Amazon the moment she posted the link.  Annnnd I might’ve taken photos in my driveway when I tore open the box.


Don’t judge.

Since it arrived, I’ve been drooling over pretty much everything in the book.  So I got to thinking.  “I have this cookbook goal, and now I have this book.  Here is the push I need to start the blog.”  The bucket list set the goal of cooking at least 5 things from each of my books.  However, this one is a special case.  We’re going all the way kids.  Every last recipe.  I want to make them all.  I can’t help myself.

So, that is what I’m doing.  What should you do? Pick up a copy of Seriously Delish and follow along.  Hang out with me and eat my leftovers.  Or just read my ramblings. This is going to be fun.


Note: I am just a fan of Jessica’s.  I’m not affiliated with her in any way.  I do have her permission to post about each of the recipes in her book.  My opinions are my own. I seriously just love her guts.  And no, I don’t even really know her.


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